Can a ride request send us to Canada.....


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No. In the very early days they could but I wouldnt do it.

Now if they order a ride over the bridge, it cuts them off at the foot of the bridge.


Be careful where you try to drop off "at the foot of the bridge". My wife, who also drives, somehow went a little too far and entered "the zone" where she couldn't turn around and had to proceed to the booths.


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This situation actually happened to me...not once, but TWICE.

1. Prior to dropping off a passenger near the Peace Bridge on the Lower West Side, I got a call that would have sent me across the Peace Bridge. At first, I accepted it, but after looking at it(and calling the passenger and explaining the situation)I cancelled the ride. Why? Well, try explaining it to a Customs officer when you're returning. Nuff said!

2. I got another call that took me to the Peace Bridge not too long ago. I dropped him off on Busti Ave. near the pedestrian entrance to the bridge after explaining the matter.