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Can a RI driver change to Boston Hub and still drive RI?

Discussion in 'Providence' started by The Uber Boomer, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. The Uber Boomer

    The Uber Boomer

    I read that Boston drivers can drive in Rhode Island, Mass, Vermont, and Maine.
    As a RI driver can I do that? Change to a Boston driver? If yes, how do I do that? I live in RI, which is a very small state. I'd really like to expand a little.
    Thanks for your comments
  2. Yes, you can do that. I switched last year when the laws changed so I could still drive in Mass. Contact Uber support, and request to have your zone changed to from Providence to Boston. If you haven't already undergone the Mass CORI background check - which is apparently more extensive - you'll have to pass that first.

    If you switch to Boston zone, you can accept rides in RI, as well as the following zones:

    - Boston
    - Worcester, MA
    - Western MA
    - New Hampshire
    - Vermont
    - Greater Maine
    - Portland, ME
  3. Yeah, you aren't really "switching" just expanding your territory.
  4. That's not accurate Christopher. You do actually have to switch zones, and that does more than just expand your territory. For example, once I switched to the Boston zone, I started getting weekly bonus offers that I wasn't getting as a Providence driver - e.g. weekly quest bonus and consecutive ride bonuses.
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  5. LAP


    Rhode Island
    Be careful if you have a bad record in another state. You will loose your RI driving privileges if you don't pass the Massachusetts qualifications.
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  6. No, mdp8593, I am still driving in both states. Have been for over a year. I did not switch zones. I don't know why you think differently.
    And, yes, LAP, they did warn me when I applied for Mass that if my CORI was rejected, they would take away my RI rights as well. I guess it is similar to "don't ask, don't tell." As long as they don't know about the stuff Mass finds, they are okay. But if Mass reports stuff that RI missed, you're kicked off the team.
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  7. I think differently because that's the information I received from Uber, and because I was unable to get ride requests in MASS when I was a RI driver.
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  8. I think, re-reading my latest post, that I wasn't clear.
    When I stated "I did not switch zones" I meant, more specifically, that I did not give up one zone for the other. Also, when I first signed up as a RI driver, I was not able to accept rides in Mass UNTIL I specifically requested that zone be added. But once all was said and done, I had (have) access to both territories.
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  9. If you drive for Lyft, switch hub to Boston and you get all of New England.
    I switched to Boston from Rhode island and now I have been pinged TO Connecticut,ALL of Massachusetts,etc.
    Like most, I drive for both.
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