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Hi all

Let share any gd camping point for pick up. Rather than waste time driving around. These location have better humam traffic.

1) ikea tampines (free parking) evening frm 6pm onwards.
2) orchard Road (emerald hill carpark)
2) vivo city (marine time carpark) 4pm onwards best time and weekends.


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Yes, please DO NOT waste time driving around! All you inconsiderate PH drivers drive around at Funeral Car procession speeds and caused massive jams on our roads and expressways during peak hours!


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How come they always thought driving slowly will get ping?
My friend along TPE 90km/h kena grabtaxi call flora road and made it in 5 mins.


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Last night I sent a Grab pax from Chinatown Point to Prince George's Park. Just after the pax alighted, another pax hopped in and asked me if I could send him to Holland Village which was nearby. I was reluctant to do so as I know I will be able to get another Grab booking within the next few minutes and earn the extra $4.50 booking fee. At the same time he asked me if I know how to cancel an Uber booking as it was his first time using Uber. He showed me his hp and I can see a Malay Uber driver about 10 minutes away. He said he had been waiting for this driver for the past 25 minutes and this Noob had been circling around for the past 20 minutes and the Uber app showed him to be 10 minutes away during the past 20 minutes. It is pretty obvious the Uber Noob has no idea how to get to this new relatively new road. I smoked him that he will incur cancellation fees if he were to cancel on the Uber Noob and when he asked me how much I told him I have no idea as I don't use Uber. He then alighted from my taxi albeit most reluctantly.

To the Uber Noob who bid for this pax, you certainly deserved the 1 Star rating that you are going to get from this pissed Pax for not investing in a proper GPS and you are going to keep burning lots of petrol for your mistakes. LOL.


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Asking a driver for his camping spot is like asking an invester to reveal his trading secret or a chef to reveal his recipe. Ha ha.
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