Camp or Chiong to CBD


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I need some advice from Lao jio driver, if weekday night u drive someone to Ulu place like sembawang, sengkang, CCK would u camp there for the next rider or chiong down to town for the next pickup


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but chiong 20km wu hua ant>?
Too bad you do not enjoy $0.70/ltr diesel and will feel the pain of chionging back to town for the next pickup. Even with such cheap fuel costs, many El Cheapo calculative cabbies are reluctant to chiong back to town and these are the ones who are struggling to make a decent living. I will bite the bullet and chiong back to town after dropping off my pax but if I were to be using a petrol driven car with no fuel subsidy, I will still head back to town and hope that traveling by the expressway most of the journey should somehow improve its fuel efficiency.
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After fare cuts it's relatively effortless on Uber now compared to last year to get a ping within 10-15 minutes in the heartlands anytime of the day (I don't know about after 5pm though because I hardly drive those evening and night slots nowadays ...).
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its frustrating sometimes. I heading back to city then the ping come in. Too late to turn back as im already on expressway. Then sometimes at airport also duno must wait how long before I can pick up the next pax
I drive uber after midnights often.

Usually if I end up at these places, I will still wait around 15 to 20 minutes before proceeding towards town on the main roads (not expressway).

Most of the time can get a ping during waiting or along the way to town.

When I first started out, I was really surprised how good business was, even in these areas during such times.