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Cameras while driving passengers around

I wanted to bring up the issue of cameras. I know a lot of customers are doing site seeing and vacationing to different areas. They get into the car and start either with the video camera or direct pictures. They will stand up in their seats, capture their friend's picture, vice versa, and even more take pictures of me, their driver. It is very distracting while I am trying to drive. Have you gone through this experience and if so how did you handle it? Did you say anything to the passenger or let it go? I know that we are allowed to record our driving and others might if it is a quality assurance issue.


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"My car" is just that. You do not work for nor is your car owned by guber. Saturday night, had pax in front seat put his feet on my dash. I turned on interior light (while driving) and asked him to remove them to which he gave an apology. Standing in my seats "for any" reason would most likely bring that ride to an end at the nearest safe location I could drop pax.

Crap you allow will effect other drivers. Crap you bring to a halt will help other drivers. I expect everyone entering my car to treat it "as I do" with no exceptions. No eating, drinking, smoking or vaping allowed ever for any reason. I have a 4.9 rating. You do not get high ratings for letting them do what they want to "your" property. Although I will admit I lose a point every Saturday night because I politely say no!