Calling all Philadelphia Uber Partners!


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When I first came on board with Uber, I wanted a way that I could communicate with other uber partners. A way for General discussion, tips, questions, ect. After a few days, a gentleman on here posted that he started a group for Philadelphia Uber Partners on an app called "Zello". I have been apart of this group for just over a week (I believe) and the amount I have learned from the people there is awesome. A lot of the questions that I thought I would have to figure out on my own were answered in this group.

Even if you have this Uber thing figured out, you can still join to help answer questions from the drivers who are still learning. Also, you can stay connected with some really nice people.

App name: Zello

Group Name: UberPhiladelphia

Download the app on your smartphone (Apple or Android) create an account in seconds and then simply search the group name and click " Join".

I look forward to seeing everyone there!!

Lastly, I am not taking any credit for this idea, simply just spreading the word.



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Actually we do have 21 subscribers now, but only about 4-5 of us are online at any one time. If you get in there remember you have to click the power button to connect to the channel and receive messages. You can similarly click again when you have a PAX and don't want to hear the messages.


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It's really light on data - it uses very high compression codecs for audio, so it doesn't sound as good as Skype or whatever. And you can hit the power button to disconnect from the channel and it won't use any.

I've had it for 2 weeks now? It says less than .01 GB used. Both Uber and Lyft use more data!