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Called A Fellow Ant for a Jump

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Agalito, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Agalito


    Tonight was a nightmare, my car battery died and would not start outside the theater. IT was 1Am and I ended up ordering an Uber instead of spending 75 for a tow truck to come jump me.

    When he arrived, I told him to cancel and gave him 25 dollars cash.

    Thank you my fellow Ant! You saved my life and allowed me to make it home.
  2. Get a stick shift and you won't have to worry about dead batteries again.

    Kudos for taking care of your fellow ant though.
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  3. My cell phone company offers a roadside assistance add-on for $2.99 a month. It covers all these things at NO additional charge:
    • Towing (for mechanical failures)
    • Battery service / jump-start
    • Flat-tire assistance
    • Out-of-gas fuel delivery (up to three gallons, gas or diesel)
    • Lockout assistance
    • Key replacement
    Might I suggest you check to see if your cell phone company offers a similar plan?
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  4. Those services are nice to have but sometimes can leave you waiting up to 2 hours to show up.
  5. No, cell companies just call an Uber have have them bring the gas or cables. Ants available pretty reliably in most markets
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  6. steveK2016


    Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
    Doesnt matter whats covered for a tow. I had free roadside with my insurance but it would take 3 hours to get a truck to me. I also called an Uber to jump me. I only had $5 and this was before in app tipping, so told him to also start the ride and id give him 5 stars. I made sure he was OK with it as soon as he accepted the ping so he wasnt surprised upon arrival. Overal took about 6 minutes from the time I ordered the Uber. No roadside assistance can respond that quickly.

    I would invest in battery pack chargers if Uber came out with a "order a jump" package. Easier than picking up pax!
  7. Not a bad idea, but that $25 would be better spent toward a AAA membership.

    As quickly as Uber, no.
    But AAA is pretty darn fast.

    And then there's the issue of having jumper cables.

    My guess is the towing is limited to 5 or 10 miles.
    In most cases that won't help an Uber driver too much.
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  8. steveK2016


    Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
    Thats why I called the driver immediately to ask If a)he had cables and b) if he was ok with just giving me a jump.

    From what I recall AAA just called a local tow company just like everyone else does. Doesnt matter how quickly AAA moves on calling that tow company for you if the truck isn't already right around the corner and unoccupied.
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  9. They have contracts with specific tow companies and they give AAA priority.

    Sure it's possible none might be available at the moment, but over the years I think my longest wait has been about 45 minutes.
    The tow companies want their business.

    And just like Uber, you can track your tow truck driver on the AAA app and
    They call you with ETA.

    Pretty great experience when you just had a ****ty day.
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  10. Seamus


    New York
    AAA is fine but I guess it depends what market you are in for response time. Around here you have to wait 1 to 3 hours. I would suggest anyone invest in a battery jumper. They aren't expensive and are small and lightweight and they work very well. Put it in your trunk and you don't ever have to worry about relying on anyone else. Quick and easy.
  11. As a side note, this just got me thinking that tow truck drivers are probably sick of the same questions just like us.

    I've been towed more than once and rode inside with the driver.
    Yep, i asked if he was just starting his shift or ending it. How long he's been doing it, and what his worst tow/accident scene was, etc etc.
    You gotta talk about something :rolleyes:

    And no, they didn't have amenities for me.

    Sure but AAA is good for more than just jump starts.
    Jump starts are so easy I almost dont want to waste one of my 4 uses on it. I'd rather help someone that needs a long tow (yes, you can use it to help someone else).
    Recently I got a flat from a pot hole and when I went to change the tire, I realized the stupid jack didn't work. First time trying it.
    So I called AAA and 15 minutes later I had someone changing my tire for me
    .No need to tip :D
  12. Agalito


    I always carry cables with me, I just needed a car, Uber was the best and cheapest solution for me at the time. Plus I helped a fellow ant.
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  13. Wh4tev3r!!!!


    I have had to get towed several times over the last 2 years. Never waited more than 45 minutes. However, it seems like the tow truck drivers are exempt from the NO PHONE while driving laws. All the drivers I had were on the phone more than off the phone. Half the time not paying attention to the road. I am surprised not more tow trucks are involved in accidents. It was scary how many times they had to jam on the brakes and with a car in tow that's not good. Just my observations.
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  14. Seamus


    New York
    I agree. I have AAA and covers 5 cars. I have 2 kids far away in college with 2 cars and it is a good feeling knowing they won't get stranded. Mainly save it for towing if needed. Each kid has a battery jumper in the trunk.
  15. Trafficat

    Trafficat Moderator

    Reno, NV
    Assuming you need a jump less than once every 9 months, it's still cheaper to pay an Uber driver $25 to jump your car!
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  16. AAA is the ‘X’ class move. Anything less is playing Pool.
  17. Assuming...

    What I saved on one 80 mile tow paid my membership for 3 years.
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  18. evad77


    I had a paxhole order a car once and then text as I arrived saying I don’t need the car , I just need a boost and I’ll pay the $5 cancel, I text back saying yes you’ll pay the $5 cancel and have a nice night and you’ll still need the boost. Tow trucks charge $50 for that service, where do these clowns think we’ll do it for $5?
  19. Trafficat

    Trafficat Moderator

    Reno, NV
    But what are the odds you will need another 80 mile tow in the next 5 years?

    I've only had my car towed once in my life, and my car jumped a handful of times for free by people who happened to be right there at the time.
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  20. I hope to never die but I also carry life insurance.

    But I get feeling it's not needed.
    I would also get it because of the DMV trips its saved me over the years. They do many DMV services there.

    Most importantly, I think any man with a wife and/or daughter that drives needs to have this for them.
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