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California / Vegas Boarder rides


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I am a Southern California driver I will be spending the next 3 days in Las Vegas. I am aware that you cannot drive outside of your state but wanted to see if there were any boardering cities in California that would busy enough to get a few pings. I’ve done the drive many times but always seems to be nothing but desert out there.


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Let me tell you a story about my quest to buy a lottery ticket a few weeks ago. I'm in Las Vegas where there is no lottery so I had to drive to California for a lottery ticket. The closest place is Primm, there is one store there with a huge line, at least 3 hours. I drove 20 minutes further to Mountain Pass, there was one gas station there in that town and it had a long line, about an hour long. The gas station was charging $5 a gallon and there were a few cars filling gas there. Then I drove another 30 minutes to Baker. That town had a few gas stations, and about a 15 minute wait in line. The common theme is that most of the cars in the parking lots had Nevada plates
This story is completely true. Now, come to your own conclusion about your question.
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