California insurance


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I have Gieco personal for our cars here in CA and when I wanted to do the Geico hybrid rideshare option they moved my rideshare car from our personal policy to a commercial one. The costs went up slightly (like $20 a month overall) and I do have two policies now... personal for my wife and myself and a commercial one for the rideshare care.


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What company has rideshare insurance?
I use all state now but tired of having to email/call to get an updated quote. And sometimes it takes 3 days to have it updated. Misses geico and progressive where you can just mess online account and get a quote and update instantly. But I called both company where they said they don't cover rideshare in California and I don't qualify for usaa
I use All State. Whenever I wanted to change my policy, my agent office get it done right away. Probably you need to call your agent (that was assigned for you) and ask contact number for a person who is assigned to help insurers. Don't call 1-800 number.
All allstate agent's offices have employed people to do this kind of stuffs.
Geigo don't have rideshare insurance add on, instead they offer commercial insurance.