California Disclosure, anybody else got this?

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Under California law, an “investigative consumer report” is a consumer report in which information on a consumer’s character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living is obtained through any lawful means. In connection with your application or continued eligibility to be a driver on the Lyft platform owned by Lyft, Inc., its subsidiaries, affiliates, other related entities, successors, and/or assigns (collectively or individually, as appropriate, the “Company”), Company may obtain an investigative consumer report (as defined under California law). With respect to any investigative consumer report from an investigative consumer reporting agency (“ICRA”), Company may investigate the information contained in your application and other background information about you, including but not limited to obtaining a criminal record report, obtaining your driving record, obtaining information about your character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living, verifying references, work history, your social security number, your educational achievements, licensure, certifications, and other information about you, including interviewing people who are knowledgeable about you. The results of this report may be used as a factor in making initial or continued decisions regarding your eligibility to be a driver on the Lyft platform. The source of any investigative consumer report (as that term is defined under California law and as explained more fully above) will be First Advantage Background Services Corp., P.O. Box 105292, Atlanta, GA 30348; 800-845-6004. Information regarding First Advantage’s privacy practices can be found at
Under California Civil Code section 1786.22, you are entitled to a visual inspection of files maintained on you by an ICRA, as follows: (1) In person, if you appear in person and furnish proper identification, during normal business hours and on reasonable notice. A copy of your file shall also be available to you for a fee not to exceed the actual costs of duplication services provided; (2) By certified mail, if you make a written request, with proper identification, for copies to be sent to a specified addressee. An ICRA complying with requests for certified mailings under the California Code shall not be liable for disclosures to third parties caused by mishandling of mail after such mailings leave the ICRA; (3) A summary of all information contained in your files and required to be provided by the California Code shall be provided to you by telephone, if you have made a written request, with proper identification for telephone disclosure, and the toll charges, if any, for the telephone call are prepaid by you or charged directly to you.
“Proper Identification” means information generally deemed sufficient to identify you, which includes documents such as a valid driver’s license, social security account number, military identification card, and credit cards. Only if you cannot identify yourself with such information may the ICRA require additional information concerning your employment and personal or family history in order to verify your identity.
The ICRA will provide trained personnel to explain any information furnished to you and will provide a written explanation of any coded information contained in files maintained on you. This written explanation will be provided whenever a file is provided to you for visual inspection.
You may be accompanied by one other person of your choosing, who must furnish reasonable identification. An ICRA may require you to furnish a written statement granting permission to the ICRA to discuss your file in such person’s presence.
By clicking to accept, I acknowledge I have read the California Disclosures.

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I thought that was in the fine prints of every background check they do.
Same here, I think they are double nailing their driver's rights since they became a public company. I haven't signed it yet as I don't drive Lyft vey often and haven't read it word by word. I also need to go back and see if this was signed before.

I remember Uber send us similar document a while back, but that was mostly for unaccompanied minors plus some other fine prints, maybe this was included in there too.

I don't know where you're but here in California the lawmakers are bunch of clowns who pretend they are working and doing something for the their pay.

I will post again if I find out more.

Drive Safe.

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I got one. Had to agree before using the app. If you read the fine print the background check company can dig deep and interview any friend or associate or anyone you’ve met and investigate your character. My record is clean but it’s disturbing how far they can dig. They can investigate your personal or family history as well so if anyone holds a grudge against you it could lead to a negative report and you’re @@@@ed.


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I got it this morning too... yeah I remember when Uber sent it out it was redundant

They probably won't do a bg check like that because it's so expensive and there stock is tanking... if something was really wrong they'd deactivate you until it was complete.

Also think about this... If they do one then you get a free one from the company that does the BG check. I've already contacted the company with my info. LOL...
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