Calif ballot initiative to reverse AB5 -- update

Lute Byrt

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We are all discussing the same thing, increase pay towards drivers, give health insurance benefits accordingly, allow full compensation for all expenses (including depreciation), sick pay, overtime, and holiday bonus pay. If this ever happens then I guess it might work. So far I have yet to see Uber and Lyft make good on any of this! I believe bankruptcy will happen for both of these companies first!
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Personally, I just want our cities nationwide to do a better job of public transportation...
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Haha that’s a dumbass assumption. I worked w2 jobs for nearly 30 years! The only way this will pass is because of $110 Uber/Lyft/Doordash is paying to launch a lying disinformation campaign. If you vote Yes you’re an IDIOT because you’re voting against your own best interest.
Spoken like a true blue California Socialist.
"You're and idiot because you are voting for freedom and personal responsibility."