BYND Beyond Meat IPO


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Pricing at $25
IPO today
Went to $65.34

Carl’s Jr. Beyond Burger taste great
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Damn! Wish I had some foresight into this, never even heard of this company before. I didn't realize there was a 3rd party that the burger chains were buying their meatless meat from, thought it was all in-house. Damn, opportunity gone by. Might be a good short now!
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Burger King is trying out vegetarian burger that tastes non vegetarian..
Bill gates did invest in some Euro company few years back
Personally I would stay away from new burgers that tastes like original meat burger...just like buying a new car that got a new motor, or a new Boeing plane.... let other people volunteer first then after few years try it.
Futures down like 450 pts?


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I thInk that people in the east short the market on a high, on a Friday , and purposely shoot some rockets.. I will be buying at the open , and try to make
Few dollars quickly ... hopefully it does not tank big after my buys?