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Bye bye Jeff Jones

Discussion in 'News' started by DavisUberX, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. steveK2016

    steveK2016 Well-Known Member

    Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
    At that high level, these guys don't have resumes. Everyone knows what and where you've been.
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  2. Karen Stein

    Karen Stein Well-Known Member

    St. Louis
    Maybe he can make more as a driver.
  3. Michael - Cleveland

    Michael - Cleveland Moderator Moderator

    Great Lakes

    Uber president Jeff Jones is quitting, citing differences over ‘beliefs and approach to leadership’
    He is leaving after apparently deciding the current controversies are too much to handle.

    Jeff Jones, the president of Uber, is quitting the car-hailing company after less than a year. The move by the No. 2 exec, said sources, is directly related to the multiple controversies there, including explosive charges of sexism and sexual harassment.

    (UPDATE: Uber confirmed the departure, saying in a statement: “We want to thank Jeff for his six months at the company and wish him all the best.” And, in a note to staff, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said: “After we announced our intention to hire a COO, Jeff came to the tough decision that he doesn’t see his future at Uber. It is unfortunate that this was announced through the press but I thought it was important to send all of you an email before providing comment publicly.)

    (UPDATE: Jones also confirmed the departure with a blistering assessment of the company. “It is now clear, however, that the beliefs and approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber, and I can no longer continue as president of the ride sharing business,” he said in a statement to Recode.)

    Jones, said sources, determined that this was not the situation he signed on for, especially after Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced a search for a new COO to help him right the very troubled ship.

    That was not the reason for Jones’ departure, sources said, even though it meant that Kalanick was bringing in a new exec who could outrank him. Instead, these sources said, Jones determined that the situation at the company was more problematic than he realized.

    Jones was certainly touted by Kalanick as a big hire when he arrived at Uber last fall from Target, where he was its well-regarded CMO. His job, among others, was to remake the company’s tainted image. He also was president of its main ride-sharing business.

    Kalanick and Jones met just a year ago at the TED conference in Vancouver and there was much excitement that the company was attracting top-level corporate execs.

    Jones replaced board member Ryan Graves, who started at the company as CEO but relinquished that role to Travis Kalanick in 2010, as president. Graves now heads up the company's delivery business, UberEverything. The transition was pitched as a necessary move as the ride-hail company continued to scale.

    “Over the last six months, Ryan and I have become increasingly convinced that our rapidly growing marketing efforts needed to be far more integrated with our city operations,” Kalanick wrote in a post announcing Jones’ hire.

    Jones spent much of the beginning of his tenure as the president of ride-sharing driving for Uber and meeting with drivers, after which he sent drivers an email about what he learned and what the company intends to do.

    "It’s clear that there’s much we can be doing better. Listening is where we get our best ideas, because they come from you, the people using Uber every day " he wrote.

    But in February, Jones' second public attempt to reach drivers went awry when drivers began flooding Jones' Facebook page with angry comments and complaints during a question and answer session.

    Jones' decision to leave Uber likely won't surprise people who worked with him at Target. "Jeff does not like conflict," a source previously told Recode.

    The situation at the company has deteriorated since then, obviously, after a blog post by a former female engineer chronicled a deeply dysfunctional management led by Kalanick that favored what board member Arianna Huffington called “brilliant jerks.”

    Jerks indeed, as what has happened since then has made clear. Since the post, the company has fired its engineering head after revelations of a serious sexual harassment investigation at his previous employer, saw its head of product leave after questionable sexual behavior was uncovered at a company event and has initiated an investigation into the entire situation with a former Attorney General of the United States at the lead.

    In addition, the now persistently apologetic Kalanick announced the search for a COO to help him do a better job.

    Here is Kalanick’s full note to the staff:


    I wanted to let you know that Jeff Jones has decided to resign from Uber.

    Jeff joined Uber in October 2016 from being CMO at retailer Target. In 6 months, he made an important impact on the company—from his focus on being driver obsessed to delivering our first brand reputation study, which will help set our course in the coming months and year.

    After we announced our intention to hire a COO, Jeff came to the tough decision that he doesn’t see his future at Uber. It is unfortunate that this was announced through the press but I thought it was important to send all of you an email before providing comment publicly.

    Rachel, Pierre and Mac will continue to lead the Global Ops teams, reporting to me until we have signed a COO. Troy Stevenson, who leads CommOps, and Shalin Amin who leads brand design will report to Rachel Holt. Ab Gupta will report to Andrew MacDonald.



    Here is Jones’ full statement:

    I joined Uber because of its Mission, and the challenge to build global capabilities that would help the company mature and thrive long-term.

    It is now clear, however, that the beliefs and approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber, and I can no longer continue as president of the ride sharing business.

    There are thousands of amazing people at the company, and I truly wish everyone well.
  4. DelaJoe

    DelaJoe Well-Known Member

    I drove about 20 hours this weekend and I can tell you I was steady and busy. I see no downturn in Uber usage. Many of my passengers complemented me and the Uber service in general. That is what this is all about. It don't matter what the CEO or execs are doing. The idea is a technical marvel and Uber has the market share.

    Eventually Uber will go public and Travis will be worth Billions. He knows this. He is hanging on and the original investors are hanging on and staying silent because this puppy is worth so much $$$$$$.

    So all this delete uber stuff, lyft commercials, unhappy drivers, rapes and murders, CEO mistakes, executives quitting and sexual harassment is all noise. The train is still moving down the track at a very high speed. I don't think anything will de-rail it.

    As a driver, I look at the app and it is pretty solid. My customers seem to like the new pricing model where the app tells them how much the ride will be ahead of time. Yes we are getting screwed out of some money but our ratings are not taking a hit for Uber gouging the customer. The tipping thing still irks me. I guilted a passenger this weekend into a $20 tip and she said that she wasn't tipping at first but when her rating went down she started tipping and it went back up. I selectively declined a number of rides due to distance away and pax rating. I also cancelled several rides after 5 minute no show and moved on. Uber is not perfect but it is still pretty good. I still make money and coming up on my 3rd year in June and nearly 2000 rides. I have learned where and when to drive and strategies to maximize my income by anticipating a surge.

    There is a ton of good information and advice on this site. But there is also a ton of noise and B.S. We should not care about Travis or Jeff Jones...these people live in another world. We can not touch or affect them. The same goes for Donald Trump and DC politics...people can cry and protest but we can't change what is going to happen in the next 2-4 years and beyond. Once you realize the elections in November 2016 set a new course for the next 4 years and then you have to accept that and move on with your life. Jeff Jones accepted and moved on. Travis will move on one day. Hopefully I will still be making money driving for Uber and meet some wonderful people along the way.
  5. 7Miles

    7Miles Well-Known Member

    Almost like me two years ago.
    Try not to get in an accident or those wonderful people in your car might sue you . Uber will deactivate your account just in case for couple of month or forever too.

  6. Michael - Cleveland

    Michael - Cleveland Moderator Moderator

    Great Lakes
    Did you participate in Jeff Jones FB Q&A?
    I'm as cynical as anyone, but in hindsight it is very hard to believe that 'we' had no impact on his decision to leave the company.
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  7. Wil_Iam_Fuber'd

    Wil_Iam_Fuber'd Well-Known Member

    He was very publically the COO. It's not like the next CEO he interviews with ain't gonna ask about it.

    My question is this, "So JJ, your six months UBERUBER, what did you learn?". I wanna hear that answer.
  8. Bulls23

    Bulls23 Well-Known Member

    Washington, DC
    All this sh..t could have been avoided if that stupid a$$ Kalanick agreed to add tipping button a few years ago. I'm not even sure 2 buttons would help at this point..
  9. DelaJoe

    DelaJoe Well-Known Member

    I am not sure how to respond to this...so I won't. Enjoy the rest of your life.
  10. Bulls23

    Bulls23 Well-Known Member

    Washington, DC
    Hey, did you make money on Inauguration day in DC? You keep dodging this question for some reason :D
  11. DelaJoe

    DelaJoe Well-Known Member

    Sorry but because I have a Delaware registration and drivers license I am unable to pickup in the District. I didn't do very well taking people from Maryland into DC and I couldn't work in DC so I didn't do good that day.
  12. Michael - Cleveland

    Michael - Cleveland Moderator Moderator

    Great Lakes
    Travis Kalanick to step down as Uber CEO? Sure, ok, I'll bite...
    PANDO 3.20.17 Paul Carr

    Jeff Jones just quit, Google's lawyers are getting closer, a successful IPO seems like a distant fantasy and god only knows what scandal will emerge next.

    Predicting how Travis Kalanick will respond to Uber's towering pile of disasters is like predicting what could happen if a wild goose suddenly found itself locked overnight in a mortuary. Endless possibilties, but none of them good.

    The latest suggestion, buried in this BBC story and citing two sources, is that after finding a safe new COO, Kalanick plans to oversee an orderly transfer of power before stepping down as CEO. On the list of outcomes this one seems as unlikely to me as the goose sweeping the the morgue floor before waddling calmly for the door... but this is the BBC so we have to at least entertain the possibility it's true.

    Here are just a few of the questions naturally stemming from Kalanick resigning just as a new COO arrives...

    1. Will the COO immediately become the CEO, or will a new CEO be appointed too?

    2. If the COO becomes CEO then why not stop dicking around and just recruit a new CEO now? Is that what's really happening behidn the scenes but, for some bat**** reason, Kalanick doesn't want to admit it publicly?

    3. If there's a new CEO to be found too then...

      3a) Why on earth would anyone take the COO role knowing there'll be a new sheriff in town who will want to hire his own people?
      3b) Will that person come from outside the company, or be elevated from Travis' “A Team”

    4. If the new CEO comes from within then why on earth would anyone take the COO role knowing that, with Travis (likely) as Chairman and a COO absolutely loyal to that Chair, it'll be impossible to rid the company of the toxic culture that got it into this mess

    5. And which A-Team member? Emil Michael? The dude who threatened Sarah and might now be implicated in the Otto mess? Ryan Graves – someone else who, at the very least, is going to have some questions to answer too from Google's lawyers? Thuan Pham?

    6. If, then, the new CEO comes from outside the company are we honestly supposed to believe Travis plans to hand over his baby to two completely new parents? Why would he do that, given there's nobody on the board with the power to force his hand?

    7. Who in their right mind, inside or outside the company, would want to run Uber right now? This isn't a company with a business or product problem? This isn't a Yahoo-style ego play. This is a company that's top-to-bottom rotten, that alumni are missing off their resumes to avoid being tarred by association, that's about to face a gigantic lawsuit that might shut down the business division it was banking on to save the company. ****, this is a company still in the midst of a major investigation to figure out what other scandals might be lurking. Why the hell would you take that job? The morgue goose wouldn't take that job.
    Which brings me to 8), which might just be the craziest question of all: Does this mean Garrett is coming back?

    Remember Garrett Camp? The guy who founded Uber. The guy who has managed to disappear into the shadows, growing (at least) as rich as Travis but with absolutely none of the blowback. If you're a journalist in Silicon Valley you likely answered “no” to that question – judging from recent reporting, nobody remembers Garrett or thinks he should any way answer for the horror show that is his company. To read and watch the media coverage of Uber you'd think it was all Travis from start to finish and that there was nobody – nobody! – who could possibly reign him in.

    So is this his moment? His Jack Dorsey or Returning Steve Jobs or whatever the right analogy is moment when Garrett “What did I miss?” Camp rides back into the company, is installed as a safe, interim CEO while Travis gets bumped to Chairman.

    The possibility seems ridiculous given Camp's virtual disappearance from the Uber universe in recent years. But at this point, and given what we know about Kalanick's ego, it is also literally the only outcome that makes any kind of sense. By installing Garrett as CEO, Kalanick keeps the control of Uber pretty much as it already was. If they play it right, even the mystery new COO might not realize what's happening. And you can bet your life the headlines will express shock and delight at a safe pair of hands arriving to steady the Uber ship. Next stop IPO!

    And when Travis appears at Re/Code (which of course he's doing, because that's where sociopaths go to do their laundry), probably alongside Arianna Huffington and a basket of kittens, he'll be congratulated for taking the first steps towards becoming a real grown up (Travis Kalanick is 40 years old) and on putting Uber back on the road to recovery.

    I say that's the only outcome that makes sense in Travis World, and it is. But let's not forget who we're talking about here. It's equally likely that Emil Michael becomes CEO, or Robert Gates, or Eric Trump, or Ivanka Trump. Maybe Uber will announce it's selling itself to Didi, or Google, or Russia. Or perhaps it'll just have a full scale freak out, honking and screeching and knocking over the embalming fluid with its wings before pecking out a cadaver's eyeball and chowing down on its...

    ...wait, sorry, that's the goose again.

    Then again, who the hell knows?
  13. Wardell Curry

    Wardell Curry Well-Known Member

    Looks like he got off the ship early enough to survive with his sanity in tact.Or maybe not.
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  14. SafeT

    SafeT Well-Known Member

    I rate him 5 stars for being smart enough to quit Fuber.
  15. roadman

    roadman Well-Known Member

    "the beliefs and approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber."

    An honest and very accurate assessment.
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  16. Trebor

    Trebor Well-Known Member

    Under Jeff Jone's short tenure, we did not see any price cuts in January for the first time in years.

    Particularly in my city, we saw cancel fees come back.

    I sent him a couple messages on LinkedIn and he (or his assistant) always responded and I want to to think my messages about cancellation fees and winter slump rate cuts got through to him.

    Honestly, I am pretty devastated he left. He seemed liek he really did care about the drivers.

    IMO he left because he knew the only way drivers will be happy is from the rates being raised and/or a tipping option included. He realized that Travis will not give in and therefore his job would of been a failure if he continued. Just think for a second. 99% of driver complaints out his forum lead back to pay. If we got paid a little more, we wouldn't even be worried about the guy being a jerk in the backseat.
  17. PepeLePiu

    PepeLePiu Well-Known Member

    That will probably go against his record. I know I would try to hide that or put it as a case of temporary executive insanity.

    Translation: "I don't think this company can be saved as long as Travis is at the helm."

    With the amount of money that Uber received from several venture capitals, and they still injecting more, (obviously they see the tremendous potential) eventually a hostile takeover will take place. I think that is the more likely outcome. The ones that will get caught in the middle will be us, the drivers, the ones that will collect the 200 pass will be Lyft and other ride-share companies that sits on the sidelines salivating over Uber's demise. But there is some hope, with new leadership this company can actually start turning a profit and straighten the whole mess that is Uber.
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  18. SCdave

    SCdave Well-Known Member

    LA / OC
    I'll give it a shot for Jeffy.

    I learned that I can both walk and chew gum like I can also run a business, increase market shares, make investors happy, communicate my vision with board members, all while keeping a moral compass pointing opposite of "A-hole".

    Something like that.
  19. TheFixer1

    TheFixer1 Well-Known Member

    You must be a newber.
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  20. Tr4vis Ka1anick

    Tr4vis Ka1anick Well-Known Member


    Does anyone have any toilet paper?

    I prefer silver lined, spring breeze scented with a hint of lime.
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