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busy out there


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A bro just post his wait at airport for 2 hours and get a $20 trip.
good bro got spent time with mates and chat

this bro love the driving and kms. Drive from the chaddy to airport to get n3xt trip

It’s goes both ways mate, probably not what you want to hear, but I accepted a “short trip” today, they changed address from DFO Essendon to Chaddy shopping centre, went back to claim my short trip and got one to Whyndam Vale.
Last week boosts were on every day of the week for Melbourne inner city areas. This week it’s only Friday. Don’t know what that says about demand tho, I’m still interstate on holidays...


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I have been travelling overseas since 13 December and won’t be back until after jan 20. Hopefully it picks up by then as I have a few unpaid bills to catch up on lol
If you're in Pattaya - you'll be having a lot more bills, be careful out there, it's a bad bad world.


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I always pause to look at my efforts before I leave :p besides that my toilets flush isnt strong usually have to go back again for a second lol
Looks like a pretty decent metaphor. Lol
Quit Maccas burgers and have more veggies.

Even during this dead quiet time there are always AP runs with some sauce(?) on, and I just get out of it picking up some crumbles instead of stayng at the smelly place. It was surging 1.3x but uberX was full. Yucky.