Busted Uber..............


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you got the 1.2x because they requested before the surge hit 1.6x. Also, that's someone that has been passed around by other drivers that ignored it. This is common knowledge
Or it dropped to at X 1.2 ,but partner app still showing X 1.6.
Or passed by one driver, who got as a stacked ping 4 min ago while surge was at X 1.2,then rider/driver changed the destination and it find next closest driver on his/her original multiplayer.
Or rider opened the app and was surging at 1.2 and accepted it,but was so slow to put the destination surge hit 1.6.


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Sorry. Just still sleepy and pissed off about the recent strings of police shootings. took my anger out on ya. I'll try to play a little nicer next time.
No worries my friend......just getting a taste of my own medicine.....I can take it! :smiles: