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Business license


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I am signing up to be an Uber driver and I was wondering if I need a business license for Vancouver. If so, how much does it cost? Thanks!


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Yes you do. Mine was free, but someone mentioned Vancouver was changing something up. Not sure about price. Go to Vancouver business license and go looking.

brian legate

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Hello, new to this site. I'm getting setup on UBER and I'm finding the City of Vancouver licensing process confusing. I've followed the links and I'm stuck on a "For Hire Addendum" section. Apparently, you have to get this filled out and pay the fees as well? The Portland one seemed straight forward. If I'm way off course I'd sure like some advice. Thanks

SOLVED- for future reference. When applying do not select TAXI for use vehicle on the 'endorsement' page. Just leave it blank. You won't have to fill out the 'For Hire' form- advice from the city.
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Mista T

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Call and talk to them personally, very helpful.

Tell them you want to know about "exemption" filing. Since almost all of your business will originate in OR (or NOT in Vanc city limits) you should qualify. Free.