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Business cards

Chris's Fusion

New Member
I am sure that many of you took advantage of the free cards promo that was offered a few weeks ago. Has anyone noticed an increase in rider referal payouts from this? Has anyone even gone as far as paying to order more cards? I got my free cards awhile ago but just havent gotten around to passing them out until recently. I have been giving mine out this weekend in the old port and peoples response seemed positive so I will be anxious to see my next pay statement.


Active Member
My box of referral cards is still sitting unopened in my closet. I was thinking I would leave a stack of them in the break room at work and maybe hand them out to people with smartphones at bus stops. I'm sure someone who's about to spend an hour on the bus would love a free ride instead! Let us know if you get any referral payouts, I've handed out cards in the past to other passengers who don't have their own account but never saw a a payout for them.


Well-Known Member
I did a promo thing for them and they never paid me. You can't trust Uber AT ALL! Why do you think they face so many lawsuits? Take a number and wait in line....a really really really really long line :p

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