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Brexit won’t help Britain survive the rise of the robots


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This article has a left wing agenda and its conclusion is vote "red" (socialist). It basically says that my team, the left, will be better at managing and competing in the world. It doesn't talk about the nuts and bolts about what threatens to be massive employment reduction.

Who will be affected first and how will it play out? Will there be a reevaluation of the distribution of the wealth of the country or will the people who benefit most invest in political propaganda to shore up a winner-take-all economy? This is what happens in the US where plutocrats set the narrative through their control of the media and the electoral issues. If inequality increases I suspect police, military and other law and order institutions will need to be increased. That road is apocalyptic.

On the positive side this could herald a golden age, kind of a Star Trek world where people create their own projects and money isn't required. One thing for certain, lots of right wing tropes will soon become ridiculous. Things like tax cuts create jobs and all the personal initiative sayings will begin to look silly.

Karl Marx

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The one obvious aspect to all this impending AI and Musk has voiced and written his opinion at length, AI will need regulatory parameters and boundaries. That ruthless capitalists like Branson and Musk openly advocate for some type of guaranteed income is extraordinary. They more than any other people in high tech and have enormous technical insight as to what is on already on the way and in the cooker right now.

Capitalism has always been winner take all except now in digital and AI the winners won't be just unimaginably wealthy they will gain possession of God like powers. With a command of AI they could conceivably squash any incompatible innovation as well as create enforcement automation regimes that would simply supplant and control democracy itself.

We have already seen this behaviour exhibited by Uber when they thumbed its' nose at local, regional, national governments. Much of the regulation that exists now is mostly unprepared for the next technological onslaught. The NAFTA discussion points released this afternoon have two disturbing clauses.

"Establish rules to ensure that NAFTA countries do not impose measures that restrict cross border data flows and do not require the use or installation of local computing facilities."

"Establish rules to prevent governments from mandating the disclosure of computer source code."

The first clause will essentially mean that an American corporation will own and exploit national data compiled in Canada and will be able to do with it as they please. Digital national sovereignty will essentially be surrendered to American corporations. You might recall the Quebec government raided the Uber offices in Quebec a few years back for tax evasion and other illegal activities. This would mean corporations like Uber will no longer have to have offices or servers in the country where they operate, this has been a long standing complaint of American companies operating in Canada. In fact with AI and other back office functions most of Uber's operations will be more virtual than they already are and increasingly unaccountable. Source code could mean mean digital dispatch data and trip records. How would CRA be able to expect to do a digital audit of an American server of U.S. soil.

Second clause, even more disturbing will essentially give U.S. corporations the ability to dictate social and cultural norms imbedded in their code. The way a Canadian consumer acts and behaves online could also be a precursor to keeping a Canadian from entering the United States and for that matter the ability to free manoeuvre in other countries or regions. Keeping out Canadians who object to American foreign policy etc. or have contrary opinions would easily be incorporated into American national security databases. Worse case would be American digital data sold to other national governments or agencies about Canadian user data and or psychographic behaviour. Trump has already made a grab for voter data controlled by the states.

Orwell couldn't have imagined his thought control would have been AI created and monitored. We have entered into a new world of AI and we need to fight its' national negative consequences at every opportunity. I fear Canadian politicians have no idea of the implications of these two clauses and many will cave in to save a few jobs and in around their ridings.
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