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Brewfest 09/12 - Farmer's Market, Dallas


I don't think I'll be on the road - I've got a terrible cough (which I didn't pick up from pax, or give to any). But the Dallas Observer Brewfest in Farmer's Market downtown looks like a good place to hang out with your app activated tomorrow. Doors open at 6pm for VIPs, 7pm for the proletariat. Goes until 10pm. No pets and no kids.

Here's a map that shows the entrance, "trolley" stops, and parking. If the entrance is a mess, maybe the trolley stops would be a place to direct pax.

Oops... I'm a noob, so I can't post the link. (Nobody "likes" me!) But it's easy, DO Brew Fest Dawt Cawm, and hit "Map & Parking".

Also, there's a link to the after-party, Uptown at The Ginger Man (2718 Boll St). Seems like an opportunity for some Prime/Surge trips to Uptown and back, for folks who parked near Farmer's Market.
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