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Is there any one in Here rent a car from breez ?
Ist worthy ?
195 a week plus insurance ?
Use it for uber lyft and other apps
After 600 miles you 0.15 $ everym miles


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I went to an info session at the Holiday Inn in Somerville in February (sponsored by Breeze and Lyft). I think by applying to Lyft, they then sent this invitation.

Never did start driving for them, but it was one dollar down to apply under that combo. The weekly fee was reduced to $169 if one drives a certain number of trips weekly on Lyft...and I think you can still do Uber and food delivery apps.
But that 600 miles is a deal breaker as rideshare drivers who drive full-time seem to need almost double that. (?)

Also, Breeze gave a generous bonus for the first week or two for new drivers.

Maybe Uber Xchange Leasing is better, as it's now in Boston with unlimited miles. Not sure of the weekly rent, though.