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Brand new car


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Hi guys! I just traded my car for a brand new 2019 Niro Hybrid and I don't drive often, but like to just for a bit of extra money on the side of my real job. I'm confused about the inspection sticker, because since it's a new car, it doesn't need inspection for 2 years. Can I still drive? Does Uber take this into consideration? Thanks!

Jay Dean

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Not sure but don’t be heartbroken the second a pax scratches your new car or anything else, it won’t feel new the second that happens, not trying to be a downer just sayin, If there is any other side hustle you could do, your car will still be your awesome new car.

Pax Collector

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If your car has a valid registration, if it passes Uber's mediocre inspection and an insurance that's under your name, you're good to go.

Like Jay Dean said, I would avoid any emotional connection I have with the car if I were you. It's still going to be your work car and take abuse every time you drive it.

Jay Dean

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One other thing to consider I believe newer cars will have some way of knowing if it was used for rideshare which would significantly lower the value due to commercial use in a values mind. This hasn’t happened that I know of, but with so many people doing this I can see it eventually being a thing that can easily be looked up almost put in with a lemon law or something, just guessing for now but think about trade in value as a huge factor
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Prior taxi and rental use is already included with vehicle history report so it won't be long till rideshare use is also mentioned.
That information comes from those vehicles being registered in commercial usage. Drivers need to be careful as to what information they allow to be collected.

Protect your value with seat covers (even leather) and rubber floor mats. You can make a car look great protecting your floor and seats for a $75 investment

Jay Dean

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If I was selling and buying used cars I wouldnt want to buy a used car without real knowledge if it had been used as a taxi, maybe before it was fine... but not now lol but I am not in the car business so maybe as long as everything works it passes, everyone is a shark these days it seems

Can even see a used carman saying to person selling car “so what’s up with the pax scratch in the back” lol
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