Bozo Garcetti partying with Lyft


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I remember when drivers where Garcetti fans because he was going to make rideshare legal @ LAX

Where is the love now ?
Being sold off at .60¢ per mile.
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It’s a shame he didn’t try to run for POTUS. It would have been GLORIOUS for all the shit he’s let happen to be under the microscope.
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Garcetti is PRECISELY the kind of phony “liberal” democrat that helped get Trump elected.

Imagine all the people who visit San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and nearly everywhere in CA now and see all the poverty and homelessness and hear how the state is so liberal and progressive but see the results.

No wonder so many people hate “liberals” now.
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I found this in the thread:

Love how blatant bribery is normalized as “lobbying.”


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Garcetti is a @@@@, has he done anything good for LA since during his tenure?
Not at all. LA is a farce, politically speaking. Garcetti is a @@@@@.
People who achieve success outside the mega corporate scene in LA do so in spite of the mess that politics are here, not because of them.
Most of the growth and improvement seen in Silverlake, Echo Park, North Hollywood, the Arts District, Bellflower, and beyond is a result of people being pushed out of other areas and looking for opportunity. When I see people like Garcetti taking credit for that I just scream inside.
The guy is a total fraud.

I was happy to hear him admit that CA is a libertarian state and not a liberal one.

No shit.


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I read thru literally every comment. There isn’t a single positive one.

Garcetti is getting excoriated over this. Deservedly so.

The tone deafness of CA’s leadership is grotesque in the extreme.

This state’s hypocrisy is going to get Trump re-elected. All Trump has to do is point to all the extreme poverty and homelessness in CA, the degree to which small businesses and independents are extorted and squeezed, how the 5th largest economy with the nation’s highest taxes can’t even fix its roads, and the massive worker abuses, and much more and candidates like Kamala Harris will be burned at his witches’ stake.

I would NEVER vote for an establishment CA Democrat at the federal level.

Perhaps Trump really is the wrecking ball this nation needs, painful as it is to witness.

All the paths of hypocrisy lead to the same damnable place.


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The left went so far off the deep end that now Trump looks like the normal one with way better judgement. Another month or 2 probably will look like more of a genius.