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Boxer Adrien Broner Banned from Uber After Going Berserk On Driver

Discussion in 'News' started by Jo3030, Sep 14, 2018 at 12:36 AM.

  1. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator Moderator

    Washington DC
    Boxer Adrien Broner Banned from Uber After Going Berserk On Driver


    Adrien Broner terrorized his Uber driver -- and now he's paying the price ... he's been BANNED from using the app ever again all because he's the passenger from hell, TMZ Sports has learned.

    The boxing star captured his out-of-control ride on his own social media earlier this week -- trying to turn up from the backseat when Drake and Travis Scott's hit "Sicko Mode" started playing.

    Broner leans over and unleashes a full-throated scream right in the driver's face -- before grabbing the volume knob and turning it to the max.

    Then he started wildly dancing -- while the driver tried to focus on driving in the rain.

    Finally, the driver has enough, slams on the brakes and pulls the car over -- demanding Broner and his crew get the hell out of the vehicle immediately.

    A rep for Uber tells us ... company officials looked into the incident, and decided Broner's behavior was unacceptable and his access to the app has been revoked.

    And yeah, guessing his Uber rating sucked anyway ...
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  2. FormerTaxiDriver♧

    FormerTaxiDriver♧ Well-Known Member

    Can't get that video out of my head, because it gave me flashbacks!
  3. Rakos

    Rakos Well-Known Member

    Tampa Bay

    aren't all of you ready to respond...

    To a surprise drill Sargent attention...!!!

    While drifting off meloncholic....

    To the sounds of Dean Martin....8>O

    How dare He...!!!

    Now...The moment I realize....

    I have a person of his fame in my car....

    My mind will be on his every move....

    And I will be watching and waiting....

    For how in hell I can make his day better..

    With just the slightest hope....

    That he will in some way reward me....8>)

    Wouldn't you...????

  4. goneubering

    goneubering Well-Known Member

    LA/Orange Counties
    Banned??!! He will have a new account within a week.
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  5. mrpjfresh

    mrpjfresh Well-Known Member

    Asheville, NC
    LOL the driver's face... :D
    Props to him for having the cojones to kick them out and not just sit there and take it.

  6. 1.5xorbust

    1.5xorbust Well-Known Member

    San Diego
    Yeah he’s banned for life unless he opens a new account under the name of A. Broner.
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  7. SLuz

    SLuz Active Member

    That footage isn't coming from a dashcam? So the boxers friend pax films this and submits it to TMZ? Staged?
  8. ratethis

    ratethis Well-Known Member

    Typical Friday night pull over kick out kinda thing... unfortunately until there are real consequences it’s not gonna stop.

    Maybe we can ask for a pain and suffering fee :p...

    late night hero my azz.
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  9. Lee239

    Lee239 Well-Known Member

    Lee county fl
    LOL :D

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