Bottle of water


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Wow. Sometimes I just can't believe my eyeballs @ Pax behavior/expectations. :rolleyes:
Sometimes I just can't believe some of the driver's behavior.

I honestly think I'm more shocked by the driver here.

Are you allowed to wear a singlet and shorts to drive for Uber?'
What could be wrong with this attire?

I'm am proud to say, I had no idea what a singlet was prior to this post.

Kind of sounds to me like pax won.

Even though he paid for the water, you delivered it to him.

I don't understand why you would do that.

Op, this milennial made you his bitsh...
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Hahaha what did this kid think he was getting, a limo service? Nah. If you want a limo, get a limo. You are paying for a ride. If you want to make a stop, get your @$$ out of the car and go buy it. The only way I'll get out of my car is to help load and unload luggage from my trunk. Not because I'm nice (even though I am nice), but I don't want pax denting or scratching my trunk, or wrecking anything I have in my trunk to begin with.

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Hey now - stop giving this driver a hard time. We've all been a pax's bitćh and learned from it. Sometimes you're just kind of on auto pilot because you actually can't believe it yourself what's going down. Lol :biggrin:


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Well. In ubers defense. They told them no tip and to expect these things originally. When x first launched. Hella rate cuts later and in an oversaturated market. They just never retracted tgat.

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Never ever leave a Pax in the car alone unless your not attached to your belongings.

i've done it... maybe a few times ever. The last time i recall was telling this old lady not to leave the car while i ran to the check in counter at the airport to bring her a wheelchair. That granny wasn't going to jack my i-phone cord lol..


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Yeah. Funny. People asking for water when the cost of the water is half of what driver is paid.
Sh*t, do they ask taxi drivers for water and cell chargers and napkins and tampons and...?

His passenger is still adjusting to the Reality of Santa Claus most likely.

The real world will soon shape him up.

If he survives.
Right. I'm surprised he didn't ask if you had any breast milk in a bottle in your trunk in a cooler.


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Maybe if you can keep your eye at a distance you can leave them alone.You could also lose alot more than a aux cord.


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I know this is an old thread but OP why on God's green earth would you even consider getting out of your car (and leaving pax in your car alone??!!) to buy something in a store, with your own money, no less, for a rider? Hopefully by now you're well-versed and more educated on how to efficiently and safely drive for Uber.

That pax had you wrapped around his little finger - I've never read a tale of such driver-whipped behavior.

THAT'S why so many pax are arrogant, entitled - drivers like you become their servants for $2.63 minimum fare and all future drivers are doomed to disappoint.
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