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Bottle of water

Discussion in 'Stories' started by ndr, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Picks up milennial
    Starts driving

    'Got an iphone charger?'
    'Sure, here you go'
    'Are you allowed to wear a singlet and shorts to drive for Uber?'

    Great. Here comes my second 1*

    'Are my clothes going to prevent you getting to your destination in a safe, efficient and cost effective way, or do they make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable?"
    'It would look better if you wore proper clothes but doesnt matter. Got a bottle of water?'
    'Nah but want me to pull in to that 7-11 up there?'
    'Yes please'

    I pull up at the 7-11, turn off the car and wait.

    'Are you going to get a bottle of water?'
    'Oh you want me to get it, OK one moment'

    I go buy a bottle of water and get a receipt.

    'Here you go, it's $2.80. Do you want the receipt as well or should I chuck it?'

    Passenger has a drink of water

    'Water is included in the ride cost'
    'No it's not. Are you going to pay for it?'
    'Why would I pay?'
    'Because taking something without paying is theft.'
    'I told you water is included in Uber rides and I don't have to pay'
    'OK this ride is over. You're now required to exit my vehicle. Don't forget to take your phone. I'll be reporting you for theft'.

    He had a sudden change of mind and opened his wallet and gave me $3

    'Thanks for being an honest person. I won't be reporting you for theft, however you'll have to arrange transport because it's not possible to uncancel a ride. For both of our protection, I'll be saving this dashcam recording in the event I'm rated a 1* in retaliation, which would force me to lodge a dispute and send the video and audio evidence. If you do the right thing and give a 5* like I have just done to you because of your honesty, there's no risk of your account being investigated or deactivated'

    *** Not that there ever was a risk but how would he know.
    *** The passenger didn't see what I rated him.
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  2. dogemuffins


    Marin County, CA
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  3. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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  4. Ribak


    How short were the shorts?
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  5. Safe for work! LOL

    Knee height cargo shorts.
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  6. Yeah. Funny. People asking for water when the cost of the water is half of what driver is paid.
  7. At comment about my clothes the are out, hopefully before I have moved.
    You want someone in a suit order Select, hire a town car or limo or GTFO.

    You aren't paying me less than a cab driver and expecting limo service.

    On comment "water is included" please feel free to find any such statement on Ubers website .
    Oh, and, GTFO cause the ride is over.
    Because, and again I say, you did not just ask for limo level treatment at Below taxi prices.
    You must be high AF.
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  8. John Campbell

    John Campbell

    Chicago illinois
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  9. Kind of sounds to me like pax won.

    Even though he paid for the water, you delivered it to him.

    I don't understand why you would do that.
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  10. jgiun1



    I would of taken the one the star zong at the end, dropped him off and moved on. No water or conversation the whole trip.
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  11. Zebonkey


    San Francisco
    What's wrong with you?
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  12. Kcope316


    Central OH
    You left pax in your car unattended while you went in to buy him water! :rolleyes:
  13. Because I wanted to troll him. I knew what was going to happen. I knew I was getting a 1* so I made his life worth the rating. Will respond if I actually get it.

    Bubonic plague.

    Yeah. I run a BlackVue interior facing dashcam that runs 10 mins after the key is removed from the ignition. Beside it, the aux and phone charger cables, there is nothing in the car cabin not physically part of and attached to the car.
  14. Nah bro.

    He was craving a water and like a good boy you not only stopped, but got off and purchased it for him while he sat there and laughed at you.
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  15. Nah bro.

    He was an entitled little **** and paid for the water for fear the big and tall scary guy in the drivers seat with a commandeering voice would harm his precious manicured nails.

    There is probably an Instabook discussion about how he was polite and the baby boomer driver tried to steal money and kicked him out of an Uber with a million likes and replies 'I'd have kicked his ass if he tried it with me'
  16. Uber Crack

    Uber Crack Author

    Wow. Sometimes I just can't believe my eyeballs @ Pax behavior/expectations. :rolleyes:
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  17. MarcG


    San Diego
    Yes. He definitely treated you like a little b**ch even if he had to pay for the water. The part where he commanded you to go in and buy him a water and then you actually did it is the story he’s telling his friends.
  18. " got charger"?
    " Are you allowed to wear . . ."
    Screeech. . . ." no. You better get out NOW !"


    Die uber die !
    Painfully !

    That was Sober !

    Imagine the drunk pax !
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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  19. unitxero

    unitxero Moderator

    NY, NY
    Post the video lets have a laugh :D
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  20. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    Seriously? What an arrogant dips hit. That wouldn’t have happened on my watch.
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