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Boston Surges good money pt. 2


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Nice night of great surges in the city of Boston. I worked from 8:30 pm to 12:40 am making $140 after deductions. I have a bad habit of cancelling alot of ride requests imagine what I would have made if I accepted all requests tonight..


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Pretty good for me too. Went into city later than I wanted, on road by 9:30. Didn't get far from home before I got a ping for Plus back north in Wilmington. Rider called me right away to say they were headed to Boston. Awesome. $50 fare to get me into city. Had a couple more, strangely enough with all that demand I gave three different groups two rides each. Best fare was Plus with 50% all the way out to Newton just off of route 95 with three stops, $65. Overall $250 gross before tips for 6 hours and only 100 miles on the odometer, 30 of which are travel to/from home. Glad the college kids are back, bring on the the cold, rain, and snow!

ber fine print

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most drivers for uber don`t realize the potential liability issues If you read the partnership agreement you will see if there`s an accident you`re on your own and your passengers are on their own. If there`s an accident their going after you

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Yes I've read my agreements. Now you know why I hardly ever drive Uber.
POST # 6/BostonBarry: Don't be SO
ber fine print 's VALID QUE$TION.
Lyft provides NADA on the upside of
the Insurance Equation ....BUT.....BUT..
a $2500 Deductible on Claims from YOU
as a Lyfter.

PLEASE, if I'm missing an Important
Difference on Insurance, where Lyft
Treats Drivers better, let us ALL know.

THE ONE solution that I know of for
MA. Drivers is, barring a Valid Hybrid
Plan, is Commercial Livery Insurance.

Bison: Safe, not Sorry.


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Sorry to confuse, my prairie roaming mentor. I was not dismissing and meant to infer simply that I believe Uber rarely stands behind drivers except in those rare instances that it better serves their own interest. I do feel that Lyft strikes a better balance between rider and driver happiness and have had them immediately take me at my honest word in scenarios where Uber simply promises to "investigate". So I feel better supported and more likely to be supported by Lyft. Not blindly confident, just optimistic.

As for deductibles, my emergency fund is 3k, and so long as no injuries were present would attempt to have other driver agree to handle this outside of insurance. If passenger in car I would use their insurance, fairly confident that they are more interested in minimizing bad press during this delicate time of regulation than saving a few bucks on claims. There are risks, but I'm confident I do all I can to minimize them.
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