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Boston College


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I've had two girls invite me to the bars with them anyone else have a similar experience?


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Boston College girls are the hottest out there!!!! they all go to the bars on weekends

Casuale Haberdasher

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Are you guys young ? or older
POSTS # 1,3,7/Nick781: Back in 1978...
when I WAS
"young" (24), in the Fall of the Year that
witnessed Boston's Worst 20th Century
Blizzard, I saw "Kentucky Fried Movie."

A segment of that movie popped into my
consciousness, for the 1st time in DE-
CADES, upon reading Your Threadstarter:

"Catholic High School Girls in Trouble!"

Good times!

Like Pepperidge Farm,
Bison Remembers!

Casuale Haberdasher

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Had 3 girls invite me for drinks @ Hong Kong Cambridge for 1 of their 21st birthday's. Ah NO.
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