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Bloomington / Evansville


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I just started driving last week.

Signed up to drive in Evansville (which launched today). Went up to Bloomington Friday night and Saturday night last weekend.

This is a 2nd job for me, enjoying it so far.

(just posted so the Bloomington forum would not be empty) :wink:


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Have you driven in Evansville yet? Have never been there before. Wonder if they have a college bar scene like Bloomington.


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I have, Friday/Saturday night bar/party crowd is solid with the 2 colleges in the area. Events at the Ford center also seem to be good. Other than that, is pretty slow.

It will probably take some time for the non college riders to catch on that Uber is available.

Shannon Roberts

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Over saturated with drivers. you can make some ok money if you know where to hang out, or if there is an event at the Ford Center.

But with the amount of drivers in town, you really have to hustle.