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I am no fan of Sanders, his limousine liberalism or even his socialism, but one thing about him that I always will like is that he is brutally honest. He is not afraid to bring to light hypocrisy, stupidity and General Rectal Aperturetude..

Because the Democratic Primary in the District of Columbia is really the General Election, and, I want a voice in who gets what job, I register as a Democrat even though I am a very bad Democrat (I am even worse of a Republican, but, that is another matter). I did vote for Sanders in the Democratic Presidential Primary here just to thumb my nose at the entrenched Democrats. Two years before that, they had us vote for slates of delegates and I voted for anyone BUT those committed to the "approved" candidates.

Thank you for your support, Mr. Sanders.
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On a related note, the AFL-CIO has tweeted support for the strike and told their members not to use Fubar and Gryft on that day.

I am now guessing that the strike includes Gryft.

I am sure that the ants will still be out there picking up people, and people will be riding, but, the negative publicity can NOT be helping Fubar and Gryft.
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