Black vs Grey?


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Sometimes, when I open my app, the color around the "how much you've earned today/week" oval in the upper middle is black, sometimes it's grey. After a while, it changes to black. Is there a reason for this? Just a glitch? My phone? Anyone run into this besides me?


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It's gray when they are trying to penetrate your mind with a message (it uses energy from your phone) If you see it turn gray put this on immediately!


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It means somebody at Uber kicked out the plug on the main computer again. When somebody finally notices it and plugged it back in your app will turn black again.


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Been seeing that a lot over the past two weeks. Try to look up my last trip and get delayed earnings messages. Saturday I had to wait about 3 hours for several of my rides to show up.

Lately as soon as I start the trip I go to the way bill and do a screen shot. This way I have the most information available to me if a trip does not show up. Sucks having to do this, not like I am doing enough while trying to drive.


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When it grays out, that means reception has been lost. Usually all that's needed is to close the app and reopen. Happens to me all the time out in BFE.