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Black Chevy Suburbans near Jupiter


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I see several black Suburbans hanging around by the inlet in Jupiter on the weekends. I have a question for you guys. How do you make any money in those giant expensive SUVs? I have one of the Infinity's like a lot of other Uber drivers so I can take anywhere from X up to Lux SUV. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how the drivers in the Suburbans make money in those very expensive gas guzzlers. Looking forward to your feedback.


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Usually these black suburbans are private limo cars and private drivers, nothing like ridesharing. The Jupiter inlet is famous for millionaires living there, so my guess is that they are being charged an arm and a leg for any trip with those suburbans.
BTW you see these blak suburbans frequently on Belvedere at the Mobil/711/DD parking lot. My guess is that they pick up at the Private terminal on Perimeter rd (private jets) and not at PBI.