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Binding arbitration workaround


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So I'm a self-admitted idiot who didn't opt out of the binding arbitration clause as I was "too busy" at the time to do the research and send the email.

Now that upfront pricing has hit my market and all the lawsuits are being settled out (or don't apply for my state) , I'm rather pissed off that the suits are being not netting any real changes instead of being taken the distance. I'm seriously considering starting a new class-action suit, However, I didn't opt out.

I'm looking into reputable lawyers in my area, but I've wondered if anybody has any insight into canceling my existing driver account and signing up for a new one. Problem is I adjusted my account from sole proprietorship to an llc 9 months ago so that option seems to be off the table. Are there Any good lawyers on these forums?

I'm guessing I'm SOL as the saying goes and will have to wait for waymo to knock uber out of business, haha, but am open to advice. Thanks!


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If the forums had a "good lawyer" that could achieve what you wish to achieve, it would have already been achieved...
I attempted to opt out and sent an email to the email address listed and it bounced back telling me that Google group isn't available or something. It was really weird. So now I guess I will have to try and send a letter.