Biggest tip ever



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Should I retire now? How should I invest it?:eek:


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LMAO. In all seriousness though, while 98% don't tip (on Uber OR Lyft), the most I've gotten since they added the feature had been $5 I believe.


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This means that the rider was charged $8.60 and he chose 10% option, if such available. If % not available on Juno, only numbers, then the rider is a complete moron having to waste his time to type up these random numbers.


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Hey I got 50 cents in tips. Fuber pax
50 cent that's outright classic. If someone gave me 50 cent or 1 dollar I would hand it back to him and say you must need this much more than I do and then drop the mic! These apps have created a disgusting culture of self entitled, selfish ingrates.
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