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BIG Problems! Uber Cincinnati Airport CVG

Discussion in 'Cincinnati' started by K Smith, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. K Smith

    K Smith Member

    Uber Cincinnati geofenced the airport 2 weeks ago and forced all drivers to the cell phone lot where we were told first-in and first-out policy would be in effect. Here's the problem: it doesn't work. Within days it became evident that multiple drivers who had been in the cell phone lot were being passed over by the newly arrived drivers because they would park nearest the passenger pickup area. The first few spots on the far left side of the cell phone lot would get pinged first before anyone else in the lot, regardless of how long one was waiting. But, this is NOT the really big problem.

    Many of the drivers now exit their cars and stand in front of other cars, sometimes in a large 10-15 group, while others stand behind the big group closest to the passenger pickup area trying to get their phones in front of everyone else. I guess this would be considered good hustle and determination; however, the types of people standing in large groups and the intimidation they cause regular folks waiting in the cell phone lot has become a sight to see and will cause many complaints. For example, yesterday, I saw an old lady parked in one of the hot spots in the cell phone lot and multiple drivers did not like it so they basically stood directly in front of her car and a few guys surrounded her car trying to intimidate her to move so they could move one of their cars to her spot. The old lady began to get scared and honked her horn to tell the guys to move away and finally she kept shaking her head and ended up leaving. Now, I see this happening all the time. There is going to be a major incident at the cell phone lot if Uber doesn't fix the first-in and first-out situation. There was this one pretty big guy who hollered out a slur to one of the Muslim Uber drivers which I thought would cause a huge fight with the other Muslims but the big guy left.
  2. 999

    999 New Member

    I was going to try my hand at cvg this late afternoon when i drop my son off in edgewood. We'll see how that goes, lol.
  3. jackaranda77

    jackaranda77 New Member

    I went there a couple of times and its ridiculous. I'm not even going to try any more.
  4. 999

    999 New Member

    Im here now along with at least 10 other drivers. Nobody has moved in the 15 min. or so ive been here. Im outta here in a minute. Is the rider app accurate as to the number of cars at a point?
  5. Uber Annie

    Uber Annie Member

    Dayton, OH
    Here are some suggestions I received from Uber help about pings being out of sync with cars. I have not had a chance to try it out. There are a few settings worth double checking on the device to help resolve the issue:

    Set Wi-Fi on your phone to OFF
    Settings App > Wi-Fi.
    We've seen some wireless networks interfere with the app's connection to our servers. Switching that off will probably take care of the connection problem.

    Set Airplane Mode to OFF
    Settings App > Airplane Mode.

    Set Bluetooth to OFF
    Settings App > Bluetooth.

    Set Cellular Data to ON
    Settings App > Cellular > Cellular Data

    If you continue to run into trouble after this step, please perform a hard reset on your phone.
  6. Woolf

    Woolf New Member

    I was there last night and the rider app was only showing 1-3 UberX cars and 1-2 UberXL cars. But I counted at least 10 Uber drivers there. I finally got a ride after a couple of hours but it was fairly quick as I just went downtown.

    I was there a couple of nights ago since I had a rider go to the airport. I must have waited hours before giving up. I saw many drivers show up after me that then left before me. I think I waited through 3-4 different groups of cars that came and went. I didn't want to turn off the app and back on again to reset it as I was worried about losing my place. But clearly that is what I needed to do as I think my app froze up. Later on the way home I rebooted the device and things seemed to work correctly again.

    I've only been at the airport twice now. But from that little experience it seems like there are just too many drivers waiting for pings. Even if the eventual ride is long, I am doubting it would make up for multiple shorter rides in the city somewhere. I doubt I will go back to the cell phone lot unless I take someone to the airport again. And then I will not wait too long. Especially if it appears busy.
  7. UberCamS

    UberCamS New Member

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    The worst part of this type of situation, after following the instructions and getting burned on time and money, is that Uber has the driver eating the learning curve. There is very little person to person opportunity to communicate with our "partner" less its on their list of topics they have automated (or cut and paste) responses to.

    I know there are good people at Uber who understand the lack of #UberHospitality when it comes to the drivers; the front lines of customer service and creators of satisfied riders.
  8. Audihaus

    Audihaus New Member

    The longest I have waited is about 1.5hrs most of the time the app is dead on, it also matters on your acceptance rating if it's high you get first dibs.
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  9. DavidF

    DavidF New Member

    I was wondering if CVG was worth the hassle after reading this thread I could see it isn't.

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