Beware: Uber always forgets certain tolls


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There are certain tolls Uber always forgets to include and I have to manually add them later. Here they are:
  • I-95 south, starting anywhere north of 17E (Route 3).
  • GSP north, anywhere ending at 142 to I-78 east.
Again, it happens every single time without fail. This is why you should check everything.


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Oh believe me a lot of us check everything Uber does. Also, make sure the toll amount that they do pay you is correct.


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Other tolls that are missed:

Route 1 bridge between Trenton and Morrisville
Ocean Drive bridge between N. Wildwood and Stone Harbor.

In the case of the latter, because it's not EZ Pass, I give the passengers the choice of paying the toll themselves because it's easier than emailing the office to get it fixed.