Beware Trinity Transportation-possibly.


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So I got my second cancellation today, referring to a cancellation after arrival. Pulled into the fenced lot and noticed it was Trinity Transportation, the bus lot/office on Van Born. I alternated between thinking it was a crank or an employee that needed a ride and figured Uber is a LOT cheaper than Trinity Cabs. I left after 7 minutes-just to be safe-and cancelled as a 'rider no show'. She called back after I was about 10 minutes down the road while I was going on my next ping, claimed she was wandering around the lot and didn't see me. It wasn't a big deal for me because I got the $5 and I was actually heading towards home going in that direction down that road, but just to be safe, for future reference the pax name is Jessica and the address is 26500 Van Born. I don't know if it was legit or just petty harassment but good information for drivers to have, I didn't report the account but if it happens again to anyone I'd recommend it.