Beware!!! Taxi police sting at LaGuardia! Do not pick up in NYC without proper licensing.


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An undercover TLC agent solicited a ride from me after I dropped off at LaGuardia airport on 5/6/19. I thought I was helping a guy out, I didn't actually want to take him, but of course they busted me. I'm facing $2000 fine and revocation of my license. Do not pick up in NYC 5 boroughs if you don't have a TLC license!!!!


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To be clear, I am a NYC suburbs/CT driver, where TLC is not required. I can drop off in the city but not pickup.


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You knew law why did you do it. The tlc have been doing that long before Uber or Lyft. Back in the 80's when I drove limos they were doing that to is only taxis can do Street hails TLC isn't really the problem with the without all unber or limos have to be called
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I feel bad for you man. My neighbor who used to do taxi in the early 2000s picked up a ride from JFK going to Westchester and they impounded his car $2000 fine and $100 fine everyday he didn’t pay.