Beware of Hyrecar


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Just to let everyone know who is looking for a vehicle and comes across Hyrecar... please proceed with caution with this company. For starters , they will charge 25.99 to process a background check even though they can verify with UBER OR LYFT that you are a driver online and through the portals. Second, they also advertise that the process is immediate but it is not. For one , Customer support does not reply to your emails and during live chat extremely slow to respond and will authorize your card PRIOR to confirming the rental. Lastly , I would question the company and if they are legit. There was a function yesterday in Downtown Los Angeles that was sponsored by Hyrecar but did not attend. I am currently going round and round with them to release the hold placed on my card as they have informed that my Checkr background check has not been completed that was submitted on June 20th ! I joined Lyft on July 11th... something does not seem right with Hyrecar and just wanted to advise those who may consider their services.. will update when I get my hold on my credit card released.

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Comment: No company is going to depend on anothers due diligence with regards to your background check.

Advice: Dispute the hold with your credit card company if you don't plan on going through with the Hyrecar contract. Tell your credit card company Hyrecar failed to deliver any goods or services during the hold period so you want the hold to be released immediately.
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Thanks for the heads up. Never heard of them before, but they're dead to me now.

I already feel violated with all the information Wingz collected from me before telling me they're not hiring for the LA market. Not saying they're illegit, but they act really shady in my opinion.


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This company has loads of fake listings for vehicles that would not qualify for Uber or Lyft. How about a 1992 two door Alfa Romeo? Or a 2014 Maserati Quattroporte for only $50 per day and Uber/Lyft approved? Not "green" enough for you? How about a 2 seater Smart Car or a Tesla Model X SUV for an insanely low rental fee? Sound legit? Lots of fake listings and owners that will not respond to reservation requests and no way of canceling, aside from reserving multiple vehicles and then hoping that one of them actually goes through. Even their referral page is broken and constantly reads: " Error establishing a database connection". Perhaps their minimum wage developers have picked up another craigslist gig and are currently unavailable.

There seems to be no vetting process for vehicles and their owners and the interface looks and works like it was designed and built by some eLancer or 0Desk rookies for a sub-minimum wage. I regret that I paid $29.99 for their background check before I realized that the company and their rental process was so poorly managed. So now I have a poorly formatted "passed" background check status page that I can print out and frame to serve as a reminder to look before I leap.

Give this company a pass. It was a good idea, but it couldn't have been more poorly executed.