Beware Esurance

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A rock hit my windshield yesterday and today I noticed that it left a chip in the glass. So I phoned esurance to put in a glass claim. With all the miles I do, this is the third rock chip I have had in as many years. My previous insurer, Geico, was very easy to deal with and approved the repairs straight away. However, not so with esurance:

Esurance - "Your glass claim has been referred to an adjuster. You should hear from him or her in the next few days. Today's Friday, so they'll probably be in touch on Monday to arrange sending someone out to look at it"

Me - "What? No. I need to keep using the car and I can't drive it with a chipped windshield in case it cracks. Waiting until next week is not acceptable. And it's a rock chip. Why would an adjuster want to look at a rock chip? A $70 repair and you want to make me wait 3 days?"

Esurance - "You can take the adjuster department phone number if you like and give them a call"

Me - "Are they open now?"

Esurance - "No."

Me - "Like I said, I can't wait 3 days. As you can see, this a rideshare policy. I need to use the car for work during the next 3 days. I will just pay for the rock chip repair myself and send Esurance the bill."

Esurance - "If you do that then you will invalidate your claim and we won't pay"

Me - "No. This is not fair. I pay my premiums on time every month; I pay $1200 per year to esurance. But when I need to make a small $70 claim you won't pay and try make me jump though hoops. I need you to push through this approval. You would not doing me a favour by authorising this repair - this is a service I am paying for."

Esurance - "There is nothing more we can do"

Me - "Ok, give me a claim number"

Esurance - "No"

Be warned, folks. If they push back this hard on a $70 routine glass repair, I hate to think how they would handle a serious claim when I really need their cooperation to get my car fixed.