Beware. Dont pick up at civic center


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Bus shuttle from burning man is dropping off at civic center. All the passengers and their suitcases and bags are all covered in dust. Just had to cancel on 2 girls from there when I came to pick them up. Tried to throw in 3 bags all dirty. No thank you

Fred Ex

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Excellent point. I did one trip from there last year, car was filthy after them. It was kinda dirty before them too, to be honest, but I wouldn't do it again. A lot of the buses drop off on Fulton between Larkin & Hyde.

Strange Fruit

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I saw this warning right after I dropped a couple off confused as too how this french couple, obviously well to do enough to be stylish and traveling across the world, had luggage covered in rocky dust. I didn't notice until some bags were already in the back. I started to protest, instantly realized it's too late and let it go. At the end, the woman of this couple got a towel out and wiped out all the dust so it was practically like before.