Beware➡️ Cobblestone free vehicle safety inspection is a scam!


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I recently needed a vehicle inspection and cobblestone was listed as offering a free inspection. The first location stated that my vehicle would not pass due to a crack in my windshield?, when I ask "what crack" the guy pointed to a small chip on lower pax side of windshield that was between 1/8 & 1/4 in diameter. And said that they could take care of it on the spot for $25.00 and that they had a rep who would handle the insurance paperwork. I told him it was a chip not crack and he said uber would not approve it. I pointed out on my inspection form that their is nothing stating chips or even cracks and if it was cracked I would understand. But was told cobblestone uses a different form, I asked to look at form was told no can do. I declined and left called my insurance company was told any chips larger than a .25 cent coin was the rule of thumb.
Went to a different cobblestone location and again same story but this time the guy gave their form and just wrote void across it but their form under windshield had two boxes for large cracks and small cracks which I pointed out that I have a chip not a crack and was told it was cobblestones policy meaning not ubers.
Immediately drove to Ubers office on W Broadway. They inspected my car, gave it a pass and never said a word about the chip. In & out 15 minutes.


I did mine at a Cobblestone in Surprise, i had 2 small chips on the pax side and he said that is fine cause they are not cracks. That is the only thing he looked at on the car and passed it lol


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I went to Cobblestone for an oil change and I had my Uber sticker on the windshield. The tech looked at a visible scratch on my front fender and without asking what I wanted blurted out: You are not going to pass the Uber inspection because of the scratch on your fender........Well, I wasn't going for an inspection to begin with.


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They are a scam for sure. Pulled into my local Cobblestone and asked about an inspection. First words out of his mouth "You need a new Windshield because of chip". First words out of my mouth "stick it where the sun dont shine" and left. Meinike Muffler did it for free when I got oil change and not one word about chip