Bets on getting appreciation award tomorrow.


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So I never got the email or a tab saying I qualified... even tho done over 6000 rides and been with them for > 3 years. Had to message support and got them to say “yeah you qualified you will get it on the 27th”.

Still no email or appreciation reward tab on my app. I’m putting my chances at <5% and will prob take multiple emails and/or phone calls to pry it out of them.

Gotta love feeling appreciated


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BAM! I got my $40K. Just over one hour ago.. WOOT! I am appreciated and part of the 100 billion dollar crowd!


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Got my $100 sometime in the last 2 hours.



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What's the qualifications on being eligible? Total rides? Years driven? Full time only? This post is the first I've heard about any appreciation rewards. The only emails I've gotten from them in the past few weeks are "Maximize your earnings" and "update your documents",


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had to have at least 2500 trips or more. Also be in good standing with uber and at least taken one trip this year.


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I took Uber as a rider on the 27th, driver told me he got a $1000 bonus but wasn't sure what it was for. I didn't see anything in my app. When the ride ended he showed me the bonus and the appreciation part of it, he had 11,000 rides. I have 2460, close. . . but yet so far.
Best part was that they allowed you to use instant pay, even though in the terms they said it wasn't eligible for instant cash out.