Bet my piece of [email protected] Hub is worst than yours


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San Diego.

In a parking lot, inside the short bus or under a canopy, in the rain.




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Haven't visited ours yet (red pin) but I guess the ATF office is a bit better than Pep Boys. :sneaky:


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Actually we have a beautiful Greenlight Hub with a full time barista, catered snacks time to time, and seminars attended by Dara and the big bosses. Seeing Dara and Alejandro is no big deal, but we do have a second Uber HQ very close to the Hub.

Which is why I can't understand why I see this monstrosity driving around Seattle.





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When they moved ours back into the city from the suburbs, they got rid of the beat up couches that were great for napping. We do not have a barista, but they have a coffee pot and water bottles.


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You guys have time to go to a hub? The only time I went to a Lyft one was because I was having trouble with the app and drop offs (when I learned I could tie to Waze). It was in a hotel conference room. One of the smaller ones. Guess they got a deal with Hilton or something here because they're always in a Hilton in one of 3 major cities along the Wasatch Front. The Uber one I didn't even get in to. It's in a high rise in SLC, 13th floor. I showed up to pick up a sticker for my back window and when I talked to the receptionist she said they wouldn't be back until Tue (I think it was a Thurs or Fri). She had the stickers in her drawer, haven't been back.