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Best Weekend Ever - But Lessons Learned


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So between Lyft and Uber, I netted 1k this week, but I could have done better. Here's my lessons learned list for future major city events:

1) Don't run Lyft even if Lyft is also surging. Uber surge rates are often higher and cover huge areas. Mostly only center city was surging hard on Lyft. But this was a really hard call this week as all Lyft rides added to my 10% bonus. The Uber Partner app was constantly bugging on me and I could not accept pings because of 404 errors and the app just not responding. So I started doing Lyft requests Saturday afternoon, most of which were surge rates, but not as high as the Uber rates.
2) Don't have a date Saturday night when you could have been making a lot more money :smiles:
3) Ignore any future guarantee texts from Uber during major events. I got to Fairmount Ave at 10pm, and it was only a 1.4 surge. I took it - that was another mistake. Should have stayed offline and waited for 2.0 at least. That took me to Mt. Airy and I got another ping a mile away, which I should have cancelled on and hightailed it back to Fairmount as there was no surge in Mt. Airy. I blew threw the guarantee that hour anyway (it was $30/hr).
4) Get a better read on street closures. I got stuck Monday afternoon in traffic trying to get to a surge request north of the museum. I thought they would have reopened the parkway by late Monday. Lucky for me it paid off getting to that location as I had a trip to the Sheraton and then the airport on 2.1 surge.
5) Always plan a break between 5-7pm. This is rush hour during weekdays, but the city is dead during weekends. Everyone is eating dinner or getting ready to go out later. Do the same!
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