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Best Times To Drive


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I looked a few pages back but couldn't find a thread relating to this. I'm trying to find the most optimal times to drive to maximize income. I'm still pretty new to Uber driving, and there are times where it seems like I'll drive for 4 to 5 hours and make $15 and other times where I'll make $70-$80 in that time frame. If I'm looking to do this for about 30 hours a week, what are the best days and times of those days. I appreciate the input.


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At .63 cents a mile there is no good time. You can chase the surge around on the weekend, but from other posters it looks like Uber has manipulated a way to keep most of that too. The best time was 2015.

Keep in mind drivers are now responsible for paying gross receipts tax in NM on entire fare.


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Been driving for about a year now. At the start I committed to not listening to the nay sayers, the only thing you'll learn from them is how to hate Uber. The best time is what works for your schedule ( and the people you want to deal with). $15 per hour is certainly doable, however, the last few months have been slow because Uber added so many drivers in ABQ. (now its clear we needed them to cover UberEats).

Uber eats is changing everything. Some have too much pride to deliver food. Which is fine, the drivers who deliver will be out of the que leaving more rides for the others.

Eats rides are the easiest. You'll average about $5 per deliver vs. $2.25 on short X rides. McDonald's are a bit lower $4 per. Get a food bag from Amazon to keep the food hot and you'll get more tips. (People tip more with food). But it is New Mexico, and New Mexican's don't tip as much. Download the UberEats app and find a location where there are a group of restaurants in close proximity of each other to improve your odds of getting deliveries. Be sure to talk to the people at the restaurants to find out when their customers are using Eats most. For example the McDonalds on Coors and Montano says they are busiest at night.

I picked up a guy from Seattle yesterday, he says the Eats drivers there are making between $25 and $50 per hour. Their rates are probably higher, but 3 or 4 trips an hour will be easy especially at dinner time.

To me the airport seems like a black hole. But a great place to take a break/nap or chat with other drivers.


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I'm not hating on Uber. In Albuquerque it's just math. When you say $15 an hour are you considering the $0.54 per mile wear and tear on your car and paying gross receipts tax? I challenge you that when you consider those two items it's under $10 an hour.

In some Uber markets you can make 15 or $20 an hour. I'm talking about cities that are densely populated and where more people tip. Albuquerque is not that market.

With Uber Eats the determining factor on whether you'll make decent money is whether people tip. Compared to the Northeast and Midwest this area is not great for tips.


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