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Best time for overnight hours

Discussion in 'UberEATS' started by Dean83, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Dean83

    Dean83 New Member

    Noticing there are large boosts being given from 12am - 4am ( I live in Orlando). I have a full time 9-5 job so doing those kinds of hours is not feasible all the time.

    That said, can anybody who works these hours tell me what time is best for deliveries? 12-2? Or more like 2-4?

  2. Sorien

    Sorien Member

    Portland, OR
    The few times I've done it it was on the weekends and it was steady the entire time. On sat, sun and monday mornings we get $5 a run so it's almost always worth it (means it's a minimum of about $8.5) and of course, zero traffic.

    The downside is almost every run is a McD's, and you'll have a bit of a wait in the drive through for the food as they are cook-to-order only overnight.

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