Best Pranks


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What is the best Prank that has been played on you by a rider or that you have played on a rider? By Prank I mean something that is not destructive and not illegal (although it may appear to be).

Recently, I had some drunk college guys, remove both headrests in my car, but left them on the floor in the back. I thought that was inventive, but harmless (they still got a 1). There are many other pranks that can be found here, but I'd like to know what YOU consider the best.

Disclaimer: I do not mean to encourage pranks because there is always the potential for unintended negative side-effects and the prank may not be "appreciated" by the recipient.


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Pranks are for skanks. I would not advise pranking strangers and if a stranger pranks me, their ass is grass.

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One time i had a couple bail on me at a red light... I was really really pissed until i found cash jammed in my cup holder.

A middle aged couple doing stupid thrill seeker stuff.... running out on a taxi...