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Please share your experiences with your fellow drivers and they in turn may help you.
Have you seen any surges? Where and when? Did they last or disappear quickly?

It may take a while for Uber to catch on in a new area. The faster it does, the more business for each individual driver, but having too many drivers in one place reduces individual driver earnings and surges. Too few drivers is not good either because riders that must wait too long may choose other alternatives.

General suggestions here, but please reply with your local comments and observations to THIS thread.

Uber misleads driver into believing the will "get rich quick". It's rarely true. You need to find the best places and times to drive, which you will learn with experience. Learn from other drivers in your area and help them in turn.

Sharing your personal experience on when and what did work will benefit other drivers. Please give specifics, when and where did you find sufficiently profitable, or not?

Also, check your emails from Uber. In newly opened areas, like Upstate-NY, Uber has been known to distribute statistics on busiest times of the week. These can be very useful.

Quotes from threads, but applies to this area, too.
It will take time to get established. Here in Cleveland when I first started I felt I had to drive at night. Back then Uber would send graphs of busy times. I noticed 7am-11am was busy...... people taking to work 75% 25% airport. I adjusted my schedule. I was truly surprised....missed bus broken down cars etc now after 2.5 yrs 7800 rides I go out 6am--11am then 6pm-sunset m-Thur 6pm-?? Fri and Saturday. Our bars close at 2. I think in buffalo 4am I am a retired teacher so gives flexibility. I work generally 30 hrs but more if sports or concert happening. I don't sit in one spot. I divide areas and if not busy go into another leaving app on. I look and analyze previous weeks to see when I was busiest. I look for where rides originated and I never don't accept ride..I look for consistency but being new to buffalo you really can't do this yet you have to remember this is your own business. I have made over a 120000 in the time driving never did I think I would
Agree with most of above.
[Hope it either] Gets busier with time (the sooner the better) or people begin to quit and no more sign up. Lol. On le can only wish! Ive done a whopping 19 trips in 4 days. "Worked" about 30 hours and it's getting kinda old already. Too many drivers and not enough rides to go around.
Join the club. Similar complaints (too many drivers) are heard frequently from drivers all over the country. I can say with confidence:
  • You're correct that it "Gets busier with time"
  • You're correct that many drivers will quit after a few weeks/months, but Uber will continue to hire more.
  • The least competition (from other drivers) may be found when most do not like to drive: bad weather and 3rd shift (midnight-8am). The trick is determining where there is rider demand at those times. Usually, people going to work or airports, and of course when bars close, especially on weekends.
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There was a huge surge area covering Syracuse to DeWitt late Saturday that I saw on the map. May have been partially the concert, or bar goers, if not a bit of both.
The surge around 10:00 to 10:30 was for the concert. I got a 4.5 surge ride out of it but I was hell getting over there and finding the rider.
It surges most every Friday and Saturday night for 1:45 to 2:30 for bar closing time. For me, the best rides then are out of the city. One long surge ride to the suburbs makes good money and is easy then fighting to get back to Armory square two or three times.


Ithaca surges have dropped drastically. We are getting too many drivers coming here and its hurting local drivers. Im now making 10 an hour. Thanks.


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Ithaca surges have dropped drastically. We are getting too many drivers coming here and its hurting local drivers. Im now making 10 an hour. Thanks.
Formerly busy areas are constantly oversupplied with drivers and individual driver profits suffer. That's the nature of the business. Experiment by changing your locations and times to find new busy areas. I promise they are out there. Look here for general suggestions.
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Ithaca surges have dropped drastically. We are getting too many drivers coming here and its hurting local drivers. Im now making 10 an hour. Thanks.
I think it is the fact that college students who are drivers drive while school is in session. The number of cars in Bingo drastically increased after winter break.