Best Phone Charger with Aux Cord in 2016

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All the applications that you need to use as an Uber driver like Google Maps, Uber applications, and GPS consume a lot of your battery. You know the phone is very important for you rather as important as the car and a low or empty battery can lead to loss of income. This can only be averted by using a phone charger which keeps your phone charged all the time. Most young riders prefer to listen to their genre of music whilst on the ride and the aux cord enables them to connect their phone, iPod or mp3 players such that the FM transmitter streams music seamlessly to your car radio.


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The USB charger in my 2014 Mercedes is only 500 milliamperes (1/2 amp). My I Phone with apps running drains down in a matter of minutes. I now use a 3 amp charger plugged into the cigarette lighter. It's 600% faster than my old usb charger. I run Uber and Lyft apps and maps and the phone charges to 100% in 15 minutes and stays charged throughout the day.

I think most consumers aren't aware that different chargers have different outputs and that most cheap chargers run at a much lower output.
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Aukey, Scosche, Anker. All good. For advice I go to the wirecutter.

as phones got bigger, so did the output of the chargers... 2 amps is the minimum for a big powerful smartphone these days. the .5/1.0 amp chargers just can't keep up.

Use a quality charging cable also... Anker makes good ones.


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One other thing to be aware of is the charging cable. The cheap, thin ones, do not carry the same current as the better ones.