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Best music to play on drives?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by DRider85, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. DRider85

    DRider85 Well-Known Member

    I put on some 80s stuff. I've always been into 90s gangster rap but I don't want to play anything offensive. Then sometimes it goes to commercials. Do you avoid commercials?

    So you ever prejudge an individual? Like for instance play rap for a young guy? Do u try to make the music fit their taste? I just want to know what is generally appropriate.
  2. Coachman

    Coachman Well-Known Member

    A rider turned me on to our local independent public radio station. Great music of all genres and commercial free. I get compliments all the time and people ask me what station I've tuned to. No one ever complimented the pop station I used to listen to.
  3. DRider85

    DRider85 Well-Known Member

    Good thing. Do u recommend pandora so they can choose?
  4. Shangsta

    Shangsta Well-Known Member

    Just play the music you like. You are the driver.

    Guess what some people are going to hate your music no matter what so if you are that obsessed with it, be a sucker and give them an aux cord since you are so worried about what pax think of you.

    I would never play rap or country because they are polarizing (people either love them or hate them)

    Christmas and classical are safe right now.
  5. DRider85

    DRider85 Well-Known Member

    Right Christmas

  6. UberMeansSuper

    UberMeansSuper Well-Known Member

    Dallas, TX
    I sprung the $20/month (for myself, after my free 6-month trial expired on my new car) and got Sirius.
    I haven't driven in several months, but these are the stations I'd go with.

    - Picked up from "rich" establishment or fancy home: 76, Symphony (classical)
    - Nighttime runs to/from clubs and in the 20-35 age range: 2, Hits 1
    - Hipster-looking people with weird hairdos or toting art supplies/messenger bags/musical instruments: 66, Watercolors (smooth jazz)
    - Boots, jeans, big buckles, and a cowboy hat: 56, Highway (country)
    - People headed to the airport or "in a hurry", dead silence.
  7. Tedgey

    Tedgey Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    You know what might help you is if you focus on the driving part. Be a good driver and your passengers will be happy because at the end of the day they don't care about the music or the conversation or any of that and you don't either. They just want to get home. Focus on your driving. Avoid potholes, be a courteous driver, look both ways at intersections. If they don't five star you for that then they're not worth having.
  8. jeep45238

    jeep45238 Active Member

    Whatever you enjoy. I used to do classic rock/oldies since there's the least chance of offending people (hence why it plays at retail places). Buuuut, yeah, I'm driving for a shift, I'm going to enjoy what I listen to, especially if it keeps me moving and awake/alert.

    So, for me the heavy metal playlists on spotify do wonders.
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  9. phirenze

    phirenze Member

    I play what I like. There is no way I am finding new music every time a pax gets in the car.
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  10. Seahawk3

    Seahawk3 Well-Known Member

    i play jazz no one in their right mind knocks on jazz. your either love it or dont care. but i have never had anyone change the station when jazz is on. because most people dont want to look like a ******
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  11. DestinDriver17

    DestinDriver17 New Member

    I play the music from my IPhone playlist; it's an extreme variety; from Jimmy Buffett to Bruno Mars; Luke Bryan to Guns N Roses and I get the most compliments from my riders. I've found that most people don't care what you play. Sometimes I'll even find the sports stations if a popular football game is on and that's also been popular with my riders.
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  12. ridelending

    ridelending Member

    Los Angeles
    Ask them what their peferred radio station is when they get in if you care about being a suck up. Otherwise play anything but country or rap Or I guess loud heavy metal.
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  13. WeKeepItRollin

    WeKeepItRollin Active Member

    Duncan, SC
    Vulfpeck radio on Pandora is the ****. I never play anything else, I tell my pax that it's the only one that works.
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  14. Sueron

    Sueron Active Member

    Calera, AL
    My radio stays off unless a rider requests to listen to it. The other day I had to put up with a station 95.7 here locally. jamz.com/
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  15. Cndragon

    Cndragon Member

    South Florida
    I use pandora and keep it on the top 40 station most of the time. Weekend nights, I put it on a club party station and weekend morning / days I put it on jazz which all the folks with hangovers really appreciate. So far so good... The college kids love rap..I hate it..but one of them found a rap station pandora for me, so now if someone asks for rap I put that one on and it works for them.

    I know the music is going to suck hard when they ask me for my aux cord...
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  16. I_Like_Spam

    I_Like_Spam Well-Known Member

    A brother cab driver of mine, back in the 90's, always played tapes of Barry White while burning incense in his cab.

    Felt it got the passengers into the mood.

    Myself, passengers always got to listen to the cab radio dispatcher, so I could get the up to date information as to where cabs were needed.
  17. bigmoxy

    bigmoxy Member

    I have a Sirius subscription and play jazz during my rides. Most people love it and comment on it .
  18. Shad

    Shad Active Member

    Salt Lake City, UT
    If you're paying $20 per month, you're paying WAY too much. I pay $30 every 6 months for my SiriusXM. My radio is on 1st Wave XM33 most of the time. 80s new wave hits.. On Sundays, I listen to Siriusly Sinatra, XM71. Sometimes I'll jump over to Alt Nation, or one of the other channels. Lately I've had the radio on XM18, Holiday Traditions. If someone asks to change it, I'll usually oblige if they're going to be in the car for a while. Had a 30 mile long Select ride the other night. The guy didn't want Christmas music, so I changed it. I pretty much shut down anyone wanting to hook up an aux cord.
  19. wk1102

    wk1102 Well-Known Member

    treasure coast fl
    I just let tell intro offer expire, then I sign up for it again. Last month I got a 19.99 /6months offer. only had to go 2 weeks without...
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  20. BingBang

    BingBang New Member

    It's funny you mention this I've been playing classical to local pop station here in New York. The pop songs get very repetitive after a while. Something I've been noticing as well and didn't expect was just how many people are into hip hop older 50 something's. I ask the passenger if there is something they'd prefer to listen too. The great majority just go with the flow.
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